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Why should you start investing in home security?

Why should you start investing in home security? Because, believe it or not, there are people out there who simply want to make an easy buck by breaking into a house and stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. Maybe they’ll even steal the things that are nailed down, and even the nails to go with it. They might not even be thieves, either; they could be murderers, or even gang bangers out for some violent fun.

Aside from the fear-mongering reasons why you should try out a home security systems, it can be a great way to give yourself, and your family peace of mind. A home should be a comfortable place for you to kick back and relax, not having to worry about burglars or murderers roaming about and making you their next victim. Don’t end up another statistic; make your home yours, and yours alone with a little added security.

The Reasons Why

Safety? Protection from harm? Preventing the theft of those precious belongings you worked so hard for? All of these, and plenty more reasons, should be enough to convince you that home security is an important aspect of being a homeowner. Here are some reasons why a little added security may be needed in and around your home:

  • You can’t be in two places at once, and the same goes for the other occupants of your home. When you’re out and about, an intruder can have thoughts about becoming an unwanted guest while nobody’s home. Prevent this from happening with a good security system.
  • Even when you’re in your home, a security measure can help you deter a criminal instead of waiting around for the police to respond. Some security systems may even alert the police when it is triggered, shortening the overall emergency response time.
  • Sometimes, 911 may not be able to respond when it’s too late. Having something around to defend yourself, and everybody else in the house with, is also something that goes well with a security system.
  • Preserving the lives of your loved ones should be a no-brainer. A security system, combined with some means of self-defense, should prove to be a sufficient obstacle for any home invader.
  • Home insurance can be a real wallet killer. If you do the math, sometimes installing a home security system will turn out cheaper; it will also cut down the overall cost of home insurance premiums, too.
  • Some home security systems can also protect you from more natural invaders, too. For instance, a smoke detector can be a live-saving tool when an unseen area of the house catches fire.

The reasons why a home security measure is necessary can be a hodge-podge of all of these, sometimes even more. Why wait until a crime actually happens, when you can prevent one from happening entirely?

Your Garage and Other Home Areas

Some homeowners prefer to keep some of their other valuables in storage. While some houses come with dedicated storage areas for excess stuff, many others won’t have it. Instead, much of a homeowner’s valuable belongings can spill over to other areas around the house, like the garage or garden areas.

These areas can easily be neglected when a homeowner comes up with a security plan for the house. Don’t leave them out; instead, expand your plan to these other areas:

  • For the garage area, simply keeping open areas like windows concealed from view should prevent criminals from picking your home as a target.
  • Keep the garage door closed! This can be easy to forget after a long day at work, or if you’re just plain forgetful.
  • If you park your car in your garage, don’t leave the remote inside of it; you’ll be glad you didn’t later.
  • Devices that are designed to close your garage door automatically after a pre-defined amount of time can be bought on the market, if your forgetfulness just can’t be cured.
  • In fact, make sure you know where the remote is at all times; a burglar with access to your garage door will have an easier way in and out of your garage.
  • The garden area of your home can be different; larger ones will be very inviting as entry points to your home by criminals.
  • Build a fence around your garden. Larger ones will keep human intruders at bay just as well as they can keep pests away from your precious plants.
  • A securely-locked shed where you keep your garden tools can prevent them from being used as weapons by violent criminals. Just make sure the shed is not relatively easy to find, otherwise they may go out of their way to break into it and arm themselves.
  • The plants in your garden are just as effective a home security device as a fence or wall. If you have bushes with prickly thorns laden within, they can be a convenient nuisance to criminals when planted by an entry point into your home.

Protecting you, your belongings, and your loved ones most especially, should always be a priority for any homeowner. Otherwise, you may find yourself an unwitting victim that becomes a part of yet another crime statistic. Step up your game, and start thinking seriously about your home security needs; it will all pay off in the long run, even if you don’t realize it immediately.

One Response to “Why should you start investing in home security? on “Why should you start investing in home security?”

  • My family and I lived in a good neighborhood so we never thought we would be victims of a home burglary. Luckily we had renters insurance on the house but we still had to pay a premium and need to go and replace all of the items they stole. A security systems is most definitely something I will be purchasing from now on.

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