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Home Security Systems Tips for the Holidays

The holidays mean traveling, which unfortunately also means that this is when neighborhood burglaries rise considerably. It doesn’t matter how safe you think your neighborhood is. Thieves are everywhere and they are always scouting new areas to hit. In addition to adding timers to your lights and making sure the sensors on security system are working properly, take these things into account when the holiday season rolls around.

  • Request that newspaper and mail be rerouted or stopped for the time you’ll be away. Once the mail starts piling up (and this happens faster than you think), it’s a clear indication to anyone passing your home that you’re out of town. Ask for the newspaper and mail to be forwarded to another address (such as your parents if they live in the same city, or a friend who you trust) while you are out of town to prevent this from happening. Alternatively, you can ask the newspaper and postal service to simply suspend service to your home and hold the items until you’re back. This isn’t as common in large cities, but those living in mid-size cities and smaller may look into it.
  • Tell a trusted neighbor, friend or family member that you’ll be away. This is especially needed if you’ll be gone longer than a week. You need someone who can drive by the house every other day or so and make sure everything checks out. A neighbor is ideal for this since he or she is already in the area, so it isn’t cutting into their day to check on your home. Still, not all of us are close enough with our neighbors to make such a request. In this case, we suggest asking a friend or family member to swing by the house to do a once-over. Ask them not to share the information that you’re away. A good friend or family member knows your home’s safety comes first and will not usually blab this important information in passing.
  • Put up all home security systems signs. The company should provide you with signs to advertise that your home is protected by a security system. If you’ve misplace these, you can simply call customer service and ask for them to send you more. An agent may even stop by your house to give you new stickers and signs. During the holiday season, even if you will be home and have no plans to leave town, make appoint of putting up all of these signs. You want to warn neighborhood burglars that your home is protected. Often this is enough of a deterrence to send them to another house, instead of attempting to break into yours.
  • Hire a temporary house sitter. Check with neighbors to see if a college student plans on coming home for the holidays and could use some extra cash. He or she does not have to stay at your home the entire time, but can check on the house, tend to pets if you have them and take care of minimal yard work while you’re away. This way, anyone watching your home sees someone periodically coming and going, shutting down ideas that this house is free territory for robbing.

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