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Benefits of 9mm Handguns

 The Best All-Around Option

Choosing the right handgun caliber for you can be tricky. The best option for a question like that is to ask someone who knows about guns, but unfortunately two gun enthusiasts are likely to give you three different answers. Although some would disagree, 9mm handguns are probably your best bet for a good all-purpose firearm. The list below will explain some of the reasons why.


One of the big questions to ask when buying a firearm is “How am I going to use it.” Surprisingly, the answer is a little more complex than “to shoot things.” There are numerous purposes for a handgun – self-defense, home defense, target shooting, concealed carry, competitive shooting, and more. While many calibers are well-suited to different tasks, 9mm handguns are among the most versatile firearms on the market. They are more powerful – and therefore better suited to personal defense – than a smaller round like a .22, .25, or even a .38. The rounds are also smaller than a .40 or a .45, allowing for smaller weapons – for concealed carry – or higher magazine capacity.

Better Penetration, Lower Recoil

In addition to their greater versatility, 9mm handguns have other advantages over other kinds of firearms. A 9mm round tends to have higher velocity than other calibers. That means that you get better penetration for shooting through things (though you also have to watch out for over-penetration in a self-defense situation). At the same time, the smaller round size means that the recoil of a 9mm tends to be much less – and therefore much more manageable – than that of more powerful handguns like the .45 or the .357.

Cost Effective

If you’re going to be taking your handgun to the range very often, the price of ammunition is going to be a major concern. Fortunately, 9mm handguns are about as cost effective as it gets. In most stores 9mm ammo is the second cheapest ammunition available, after .22LR. With a 9mm handgun, you can practice regularly without worrying about an extended range trip breaking the bank. Also, thanks to the 9mm round’s relatively small size, 9mm handguns tend to have a higher magazine capacity than larger caliber handguns. A typical full-sized 9mm pistol magazine can hold as many as 15-17 rounds, while a .40 or .45 magazine’s capacity will generally be smaller.

For better or worse, there probably won’t ever be a clear answer to the age-old caliber debate. Nevertheless, the facts show that 9mm handguns are among the best all-around option. If you want a pistol that’s effective for personal defense, concealed carry, or range shooting, that’s easy to shoot well, and that won’t break your ammo budget, then 9mm is the gun for you. It’s versatile, it has better penetration and lower recoil, and it’s cost effective. Now all you have to do is figure out which 9mm pistol you want to buy!

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